Thursday, June 11, 2009

RV Rebuild

After several request for further info, I am posting a few diagrams on the construction.

These were created in Rhino3D which is a CAD program. I use this program in one of the classes I teach at high school :)

On my Fourwinds Class C RV, the frame work is aluminum. The whole cab over drawing has been simplified, but is fairly accurate.

Each section of the frame is in a different color

Roof - Rust 2"x 1"

Cyan - Sides 1"x 1"

Purple - Front Window Section 1 x 1

Green - Bottom Section 1 x 1

The sandwich is constructed of plywood and foam board. With the plywood covering the aluminum frame. Either 1" high density Styrofoam board (Blueboard foam) was used or 2" in the roof. I used 5/32" exterior Luan Plywood from Home Depot. I believe the actual material used in construction was thinner (1/4").

The ceiling/roof actually has a surprising amount of strength from the 2" thick sandwich. It can support the weight of walking on it.


Blogger spencer1087 said...

Many thanks for posting your cab-over rebuild and all the good info --like wood species recommendations. Our '91 Winnie is wet in the "floor" of the cab-over area and I am trying to just dry it out to avoid a rebuild.? It may not work. I would like to talk with you (if you are so inclined) to find out how you removed the flooring as it butts up against the walls. You are going to have a great time with your family! We've had ours since '04, have been on two cross-country trips, and many more regional and local ones. Tim Z Downingtown, PA http://www.zuponcic.net/91winnie/

June 12, 2009 12:24 PM  

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